39 Main Street

across from the Latchis Hotel & Theatre

Brattleboro | VT  05301


blue moose

italian bistro

"Tuscany to the Green Mountains..."

James B, Reviewed July 24, 2015

Who'd have thought that culinary inspiration could spring forth from Brattleboro, VT but Ken Flutie has brought Tuscany to the Green Mountain State. His creative dishes and penchant for mind blowing tastes should make anyone traveling through this area get off the interstate…. The surprise bread course will wow even the most critical of diners. Tried the zucchini and summer squash with fresh tomato pasta, the skirt steak, and nonna's meatballs all which are outstanding. The many offered salads are not to be skipped.



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“Perfect Stop Off”
Ian S, Reviewed September 4, 2015

A great restaurant in a great state. Excellent service, presentation and the food is as laid out in their menu. Reasonable prices, this is one of the places to go to when passing through this state. Support restaurants like these and avoid the chains, because it's worth it.

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“Culinary Genius”
Brian D. Reviewed September 18, 2015

I hope I don't overdo it, but that may not even be possible. .. the food is superb, creative, incredible. The combinations are not wacky, they don't try too hard like some establishments, rather they are unusual but in a way that makes you think this is how food should always taste. We were surprised and delighted with every dish. My wife had an incredible shrimp dish with a generous amount of food and a wonderful sage butter sauce. I'm not even a big fan of shrimp and I could have eaten her whole entree. I had a wonderful reasonably priced steak they have a perfect for a mess without being too chewy or too tough. The owner came out a few times and make sure everything was perfect. It was the kind of attention we called from eating in small bistros in northern Italy. The vegetable dishes were our excellent. Ken counseled us to eat slowly and our only regret so we didn't have more time available to savor the food even more enjoy a leisurely bottle of wine. The restaurant is conveniently located the Lachis Theatre and Hotel. We have not been two other nearby restaurants but I guarantee that we will absolutely be at this one again every trip to Battleboro. The restaurant is not cheap but neither is it overly expensive and the portions are very fair and you will not go away hungry. Some restaurants of this caliber seem to want to give you very small portions as if their food is too valuable to give you a full serving this was not the case with any of the items we tried. I strongly encourage you have the time or money to go to only one place this is the spot.